Q: How do you make gifs?
A: Photoshop. If you want tutorials tumblr seach “gif tutorial” and alot will pop up.

Q: How many people run this blog?
A: 4.

Q: Do you have personal tumblrs?
A: Yes, MrHankey, waywayy, stickynicky and besidethewall.

Q: Can i be a part of BritneySpearsGifs?
A: No, we don’t need anyone right now. But feel free to submit and we might post it with credit.

Q: Where do you find gifs? / Do you make the gifs yourself?
A: We make everything ourselves and find videos to gif on Youtube and Google, we don’t have any ‘exclusive’ stuff. If you see something here that is similar to another gif, it’s purely coincidental and we don’t give a shit.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: Yes, just ask and we’ll try to make it happen.

Q: Are you Britney fans?
A: Yes, we’ve supported her since BOMT era.

Q: Follow back?
A: Sorry this is a sideblog which means I can’t follow back from from it. If I try it would just say I follow you from my personal account.

Q: Can I use your gif on my site?
A: Yes you can use it however you want, but don’t be a bitch and claim it as your own. And here on tumblr, reblog instead of repost! For those who fail to follow these simple instructions we have a Hall of Fame.

Q: Why are you such a cunt?
A: It’s all in good fun. Don’t take everything we write 100% seriously, if you do get off the internet.